Stephen Hawking is a hoax

Stephen Hawking is a hoax

What a bold and audacious headline. How can Stephen Hawking be a hoax – isn’t he one of the smartest men in the world? 

Well, that’s what I once thought until I watched an episode of Futurama and came to a stunning revelation after I started to critically think about the entire concept of Stephen Hawking.

The other day I was watching a classic episode of Futurama and the voice of Stephen Hawking appeared in which he voiced himself. I checked the end credits to confirm he was indeed a special guest star. I don’t recall the exact episode because he has lent his ‘voice’ to three seperate appearances: Anthology of Interest I, The Beast with a Billion Backs, and Reincarnation.Not only this, but he has also done voiceover work for The Simpsons, and has 70+ imdb credits to his name. Pretty busy for a guy with Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Let’s just think about this from a science standpoint for a moment. According to The ALS Association,
“the average survival time is 3 years, about twenty percent of people with ALS live five years, 10 percent will survive ten years and five percent will live 20 years or more.”

This means that Mr. Hawking is an anomaly. He was diagnosed at 21 years of age and is now 70. If 5% of people live 20 years or more, what is the percentage of people that live 2.5x that amount? The ALS Association doesn’t list that percentage. Somebody call Guinness Record ‘s.

Let’s also consider his voice system. Using only one cheek muscle in conjunction with his deteriorating eye movement, he can formulate words and sentences and output that into his voice synthesizer. Are we supposed to believe that this technology is so advanced that he can have full back and forth conversations, almost as if he had no disability at all?

Just watch this recent interview he did with John Oliver. The host asks a set of questions and Mr. Hawking responds (while being very witty) with almost zero movement of his face. If this technology is so advanced and has been around for so long – why is this not embraced and the standard for people in near vegetative states around the world – especially since it’s open source?  Well, no one can use it as well as Stephen because he’s not really the one controlling it.

This Intel system allows external communications to be sent to his chair and then outputted. Meaning some guy over in the next room or out of camera view, can listen to the questions and respond any way they choose, all the while making it look like Mr. Hawking is the one saying it. A puppet if you will.

I challenge you to go through photos of Stephen throughout the years and start looking at this critically. How has his face gotten short and fat while it was always skinny and long? His teeth have gone from looking normal to being filed down, to looking hideous and elongated. His ALS hands have gone from skinny and bend to fat and not so bent.

A recent documentary showed his handler feeding him with a spoon. It shows him unable to even swallow tea, but yet she is shoving solid foods into his mouth. It never shows him chew. A person in this condition would be tube feed. This is a small and weird detail, but if they would lie about the way he ate what else would they lie about. Here is the scene in question. 

Many on the internet say the original Stephen Hawking died after his first marriage and was replaced before his second one. Some point out that it was strange that the bride is seen wearing two different dresses – taken allegedly from the same day. His suit appears to be a different shade of gray as well. The photo evidence on this one speaks for itself.

Why would anyone want to replace Stephen Hawking? Because he is among the most famous and well respected minds in all of science if not the world. His condition grants him a very controlled public environment. Anyone can feed data into his computer which gives the appearance of him saying it. In a world where science is the new religion and religion is power, it’s not a far stretch of the imagination.

With the conclusion of this article, please don’t take this as FACT, but a mere seedling to get you thinking. The Scientific Process is about questioning everything – seeking evidence to support hypothesis and testing it. Simply calling everything that sounds far fetched a conspiracy theory is disrespecting the scientific process.

I’ll leave you with this PDF written by Miles Mathis which provides a more in-depth analysis to get you started further down the rabbit hole.